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Transportation Asset Management Case Studies
Comprehensive Transportation Asset Management
Asset Sustainability Index: A Proposed Measure for Long-Term Performance


This document is disseminated under the sponsorship of the U.S. Department of Transportation in the interest of information exchange. The U.S. Government assumes no liability for use of the information contained in this document. This report does not constitute a standard, specification, or regulation.

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Technical Report Documentation Page

This table contains basic information about the following report and how it was published by the Federal Highway Administration.

The report number is (to be determined when approved for publication.)

The government accession number is (to be determined when approved for publication.)

The recipient's catalog number is (to be determined when approved for publication.)

The title and subtitle are Asset Sustainability Index: A Metric for Long Term Performance.

The report date (to be determined when approved for publication.)

The authors are Gordon D. Proctor, Shobna Varma and Steve Varnedoe.

There is no code number for the Performing Organization Code, the Performing Organization Report Number or for the Work Unit Number. The contract number is DTFH61-10-C-00036.

The performing organizations are Gordon Proctor and Associates, Inc. of 7825 Wiltshire Drive, Dublin, Ohio, zip code 43016 and StarIsis Corporation of 3737 Woodstone Drive in Lewis Center, Ohio, zip code 43035and the National Center for Pavement Preservation at 2857 Jolly Road in Okemos, Michigan, zip code 48864.

The sponsoring agency name and address is the FHWA Surface Transportation Environment and Planning Cooperative Research Program and the Office of Asset Management, Pavements and Construction.

The type of report and the period covered is a research report published in 2012.

There are no supplementary notes.

The abstract is, this report examines the concept of asset sustainability metrics. Such metrics address the long-term performance of highway assets based upon expected expenditure levels. It examines how such metrics are used in Australia, Britain and the private sector. It also reviews asset management data from selected states to illustrate that long-term sustainability metrics could be produced using available US asset management data.

Key words are asset sustainability, asset management, long-term performance, sustainable infrastructure, performance management.

The distribution statement is there are no restrictions on this document.  The document is available to the public from the FHWA Surface Transportation Environment Planning Cooperative Research Program, US Department of Transportation, Washington, DC 20590.

The document is unclassified.  It has 116 pages.  It is free.

This information is from form DOT F 1700.7 parenthesis eight dash seventy-two. Reproduction of completed page authorized.

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