Transportation Planning Excellence Awards — Categories

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Plans, projects, or planning processes can be in one or more of the following categories:

  • Public and Educational Planning, Training, and Outreach: Demonstrates outstanding individuals or organizations that champion and guide highly effective transportation planning, training and/or outreach activities.
  • Emergency and Safety Planning: Incorporates a proactive approach to the prevention of emergencies, accidents, and unsafe transportation conditions by establishing inherently safe transportation networks and sound safety planning practices.
  • Planning and Environmental Linkages for Livability, Sustainability, and Public Health: Identifies and considers environmental, community, and economic factors while continuing to incorporate strategies for transportation plans that provide more transportation choices, promote equitable and affordable housing, enhance economics, and improve the quality of life for citizens and public health.
  • Transportation, Land-Use, Freight, and Operations Planning Linkages: Links transportation, land-use, freight, and operations planning to development and investment objectives for both short and long-range planning and programming.
  • Rural, Small, Regional, and Tribal Community Planning: Rural, small, regional, and Tribal community transportation planning is the process of examining travel and transportation issues and needs in non-metropolitan areas.
  • Modeling and Technology Applications: Includes modeling and technology applications that graphically represent or simulate transportation systems, projects, or programs.
  • Asset Management: Accounts for operating, maintaining, upgrading, and expanding physical assets effectively throughout their lifecycle. May include business and engineering practices for resource allocation and utilization, with the objective of better decisionmaking based upon quality information and well-defined objectives.
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