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Are you seeking ways to strengthen your collaboration in bicycle and pedestrian planning and project development?

The new Bicycles and Pedestrains Application in PlanWorks provides detailed information on how multimodal transportation can be incorporated into transportation decision making.

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PlanWorks is a web resource, built from the experiences of transportation partners and stakeholders, which provides how-to information when it is most needed. PlanWorks suggests when and how to engage cross-disciplinary partners and stakeholder groups and helps build consensus throughout the long-range planning, programming, corridor planning, and environmental review processes.

Whether you are a practitioner, resource specialist, or stakeholder, using PlanWorks can improve how you develop, prioritize, and inform transportation plans and projects.

Decision Guide

The Decision Guide streamlines the transportation process by systematically building in collaboration into each key decision. It was developed using examples of successful practices from all partners in transportation decision making. Each key decision in long range planning, programming, corridor planning, and environmental review/NEPA permitting is represented in the Decision Guide. For each decision, Planworks provides information pertaining to the decision's purpose and outcome, questions that support decisionmaking, data needs, the roles of partners, needed input from stakeholders, and more.

The Decision Guide speaks to real needs and helps practitioners implement collaborative processes on a broad scale, improving the quality of transportation plans and projects.

Long Range Planning, 11 key decisions Programming, 9 key decisions Corridor Planning, 9 key decisions Environmental Review-NEPA Merged with Permitting, 15 key decisions
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Transportation plans and projects are at risk when collaboration is missing or ineffective, but specific barriers are often hard to identify. PlanWorks Assessments help identify existing and anticipated barriers to successful project and plan development - and strategies for overcoming them. The assessments focus on:

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User Portals

User Portals offer more detailed information on improving collaboration with Partners – agencies with decisionmaking authority – and with Stakeholders. Federal legislation grants Partners the authority to block transportation decisions, while Stakeholder interest and support are essential for successful projects and plans. For these reasons, collaboration with both Partners and Stakeholders is crucial to the success of transportation projects and plans.

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The PlanWorks Applications are special topics that provide specific information and approaches for how these topics can be considered in the collaborative decision-making framework. Applications include:

• Bicycles and Pedestrians • Capital Improvement • Economic Development • Freight • Greenhouse Gas Emissions • Human Environment • Land Use • Linking Planning and Operations • Natural Environment and Implementing Eco-Logical • Performance Measures • Planning and Environment Linkages • Public-Private Partnerships • Safety and Security • Stakeholder Collaboration • Streamlining a Congestion Bottleneck Project • Transportation Conformity • Visioning and Transportation

PlanWorks can help you:
  • Identify and overcome barriers when plans and projects of all scales hit roadblocks.
  • Access detailed information about decisions made in long range planning, corridor planning, programming, or environmental review.
  • Diagnose specific barriers and develop strategies to address those through improved collaboration.
  • Integrate new and emerging topics into the decision-making process.


The PlanWorks Library contains additional information to help improve collaboration and the quality of plans and projects, including relevant case studies and reports of successful interagency cooperation in the transportation planning and environmental review process.

Project feature:

Minnesota DOT used the Decision Guide to assist Stakeholder Collaboration in the development of a Complete Streets Plan


Access PlanWorks today to improve how you develop, prioritize, and inform transportation plans and projects.
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