Planning Resources

Photo of a winding road. This section of the Transportation Planning Capacity Building (TPCB) Program website provides legislative, regulatory, and general guidance; technical resources; and relevant links for the areas outlined below.

  • Resource Index - The TPCB Resource Index is a database of all resources found on the TPCB website. Your search results will display a broad range of resources on that topic from a variety of sources including: FHWA, other U.S. DOT agencies, other Federal agencies, state and local governments, Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), and non-government organizations.
  • Statewide - Provides transportation professionals at the state level information and guidance to address statewide transportation planning issues.
  • Metropolitan - Offers detailed information on the process of examining travel and transportation issues and needs in metropolitan areas.
  • Rural and Small Community - Provides guidance materials to address the transportation planning needs of rural and small communities.
  • Tribal - Provides information on Tribal consultation requirements in both the Statewide and Metropolitan planning processes.
  • Public Lands Highways - Provides resources to those involved with transportation planning activities on Federal public lands and land that is adjacent to, or provides access to Indian reservations.
  • MPO Database - Whether you are a new or existing MPO, use the MPO database to assist you in finding and contacting peers with similar characteristics.
For more information about the TPCB program, contact Michelle Noch at FHWA (202-366-9206) or Tonya Holland at FTA (202-493-0283).

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