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Metropolitan Transportation Planning

The Metropolitan Planning focus area page is a one-stop shop for resources about the metropolitan transportation planning process on the TPCBwebsite. It includes links to publications, legislation and guidance, recent peer events, upcoming calendar events, and related websites.

Resources and Publications

  • Integrating Shared Mobility into Multimodal Transportation Planning: Metropolitan Area Case Studies   NEW!
    New shared mobility services have become increasingly common and transportation agencies are beginning to integrate them into regional planning processes. This report provides three case studies of how metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) and their regional partners are integrating shared mobility into regional multimodal transportation planning. The Boston, Massachusetts, Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, and San Francisco Bay metropolitan areas are featured. This report is a follow-up to the Federal Highway Administration White Paper "Integrating Shared Mobility into Multimodal Transportation Planning: Improving Regional Performance to Meet Public Goals".
  • Integrating Shared Mobility into Multimodal Transportation Planning: Improving Regional Performance to Meet Public Goals - New shared mobility services have become increasingly common and important modes of travel in U.S. cities, but transportation planning practices are only beginning to adapt in response. This white paper provides a framework and examples to assist transportation agencies – Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), local governments, transit agencies, and states – in anticipating and planning for shared mobility as part of a higher-performing regional multimodal transportation system. It synthesizes noteworthy practices in 13 metropolitan areas collected from online research and conversations with planning practitioners, identifies challenges and opportunities, and provides recommendations for future research needed to improve planning practices related to shared mobility.
  • Transportation Management Area Planning Certification Review Primer  UPDATED!
    Updated in 2018, this primer outlines key concepts and expectations of a Transportation Management Area (TMA) Planning Certification Review, and is available as a resource for Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), State Departments of Transportation (DOTs), public transportation operators, the general public, and other partners to prepare for their participation in a successful Certification Review.
  • Best Planning Practices: Metropolitan Transportation Plans
  • Federal Aid Essentials for Local Agencies - A web-based resource to help local agency professionals navigate the Federal-aid Highway Program
  • Search to the MPO DatabaseMetropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Database - This database contains the names, locations, and key contact information for all 384 MPOs and all 155 Transportation Management Associations (TMAs) in the nation, current with the 2000 Decennial Census.
  • MPO Staffing and Organizational Structures - This research report documents how MPOs have structured their organizations and allocated staff resources and expertise. It is an update to the 2010 report Staffing and Administrative Capacity of Metropolitan Planning Organizations. This report updates much of the information collected in the previous report related to administrative aspects of MPOs such as governance, host agency relationships, budgeting, and work planning, as well as issues related to staffing arrangements, technical skills, use of consultant labor, and employee retention.
  • The Transportation Planning Process: Key Issues (the "Briefing Book") - The "Briefing Book" is a primer to help you better understand Federal transportation planning regulations and requirements at the statewide and metropolitan planning levels.

Click here to access a full list of Legislation, Regulations, and Guidance related to metropolitan planning on the TPCB website.

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The TPCB peer program is a free resource for agencies in need of transportation planning assistance. Visit the peer program page to learn more or apply for a peer event.

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