Focus Areas


This focus area page contains resources—including PlanWorks—to help your agency learn how to implement more
effective collaboration strategies in all stages of the planning process.

Resources and Publications

  • PlanWorks – PlanWorks is a web resource that supports collaborative decision making in transportation planning and project development. Built around key decision points in long-range planning, programming, corridor planning, and environmental review, PlanWorks suggests when and how to engage cross-disciplinary partners and stakeholder groups to help build consensus throughout planning processes.
  • The Regional Models of Cooperation Handbook – Regional Models of Cooperation (RMOC) is an effort that originated from FHWA’s Every Day Counts-3 (EDC-3) program. The program provides a framework and process for State Departments of Transportation and metropolitan planning organizations to develop multijurisdictional transportation plans and agreements to improve communication, collaboration, policy implementation, technology use, and performance management across agency borders.
  • Megaregions – Megaregions are large areas that have similar characteristics and are of mutual interest to planners, even though they may cross jurisdictional boundaries. The national transportation system is inherently multijurisdictional. Treating areas that experience similar challenges because of their geographic proximity as megaregions allows planners to develop flexible frameworks to harmonize transportation with quality of life, economic opportunity, and environmental sustainability.
  • The Transportation Planning Process Briefing Book: Key Issues for Transportation Decisionmakers, Officials, and Staff – The Briefing Notebook is a primer for transportation decisionmakers and stakeholders. It provides government officials, planning board members, transportation service providers, and the public at large with an overview of transportation planning in metropolitan settings. Along with a basic understanding of the key concepts, the notebook provides references for additional information. Part I discusses transportation planning and its relationship to decisionmaking. Part II presents short descriptions of key products that are prepared as part of the transportation planning process. This book was updated in 2015 to reflect recent changes in Federal legislation.
  • Eco-Logical Resource Library
  • FHWA PlanWorks Bicycle and Pedestrian Webinar recording
  • FHWA Public Involvement Reference Tool
  • Supporting Sustainable Rural Communities

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