Case Study: Tennessee: Memphis Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization

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Memphis Metropolitan Planning Organization’s (MPO) developed an effort to increase the public involvement and awareness of the recently adopted Livability 2040 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). The Livability Campaign Kick-off was held, and it included launching a series of three livability videos.  The videos, watched by over 1,000 viewers, began a regional dialogue for the planning process of the RTP.  The video links are available on the MPO’s website (  

As a part of the campaign, the MPO staff explored different outreach methods that would reach a larger and broader range of citizens.  Many people (more than 50%) living in the region, travel over 200 miles a week to and from work, and spend about 37 minutes in the car, round trip.  The MPO wanted to capture the attention of both the driver as well as the rider commuter.  The drivers would see the big poster while waiting at a stop light behind the bus.  And commuters taking the bus would see the ads that were posted inside the city buses which featured the Livability logo, information that help them to learn more about the plan.     The ads which remained on a number of buses for a year and were viewed by thousands of people, helped generate conversation about the plan.

Ad posted inside a city bus

Poster shown on the back of a city bus


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